A list of scripts to handoff to live chat platforms

Is there a list of scripts for handing off to the different live chat platforms?

I am interested in …

Click Connector
Go High Levels own
Click Funnels own


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Hi Christian

In some cases, it is not necessary to create a script; you only need to select the iframe and paste the URL of the live chat widget. However, some live chat widgets do not provide just the URL. If you let us know, we can help you set up the script for a particular live chat platform.

all of the above should work, in theory all livechat widget are supported

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I tried Go high levels for “run a script” and it works, but it’s not ideal since the AI shuts down and disappears and the other one who looks similar starts in the background, which is confusing for some and they have to refresh to get the ai back. They only have code, would it be possible to run it within the ai chatbot somehow?

Hi Simone… Click Connector is the live chat we use for our own site. Any help with this would be appreciated. The comment from paradisianway below makes a lot of sense as an ideal solution. Giving the visitor a single experience whethter they are engaging with AI or live would be the perfect solution.

Thanks … that would be a great solution. I have not yet had a chance to try High Level and not sure Click Funnels is ready for that yet … but a single experience for visitors should be a priority.