Account Merging

Happy New Year,

Three items of note, listed in priority:

  1. I have separate accounts that I would like to merge. Both under my company domain. I recently activated Answerly and did not realize that you also run FacePop as I have failed to use the service for the last few months.
  2. Your website and chatbot lead me to email my support inquiries, but then I am received an email to join your open forum. Whilst some inquiries are primed for others to discover and reduce repeated questions, some regarding personal information are not. So I have submitted my inquiry in #1 which requires emails, which will not immediately be resolved as this is simply creating a topic and not an actual support ticket.
  3. I could not find anywhere that Answerly is a BYOK product. It is not the end of the world and helps with sustainability on your end, but that is something that needs to be listed up front and not part of discovery learning post-purchase. Even your bot stated I do not need it.

Enjoy the holidays.