Added the new LLM model, Anthropic Claude 3 via OpenRouter

Just a quick update for the community: We have just added the option to use Claude 3 Opus, Sonnet and Haiku via OpenRouter. You can access this through the LLM menu option and register for an OpenRouter key at


@Simone Can you post instructions on how to set it up corectly?? I get an “open API error” when I try to update the knowledge database

Sure, I will record a video.

Please remember that you always need to enter an OpenAI key even with OpenRouter. What’s the error you are getting exactly?

Also, I’m still not clear on the token usage - if using Claude, do we use only their tokens, or theirs plus open router’s or a triple whammy with Claude, Open Ai and Open Router. Also, is there a way to reset the conversations somehow on the back end (daily?) to prevent token overuse in lengthy conversations?

@Simone is there a way we can use the imaging capabilities of Claude (i.E. uploading photos in our question)?

I think the problem here is that you don’t have the right openrouter api key. Regarding the photos, we don’t support that, only text.

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Does using Claude change functionalities or improve internal linking or similar? Any tried and got results?

Do you know anything about this @Simone @Fatos ?