Agent responds to question before collecting data

I have come across a situation when using collect data feature. The Agent will attempt to answer the question asked by the user before it asks for first collect data question. The answer to this question does not seem to be guided by any of my trained data. It gives unrelated answer to my data set.

How can i specify for the agent to ONLY collect data and not try to answer question until after data collection?

Hi Jm2467

Hi, I think this is exactly what we expected from the conversational form. We want it to be conversational. If we only asked for the email, it would be a simple form, and this would defeat the whole concept of the conversational form.
so it’s not possible right now to only ask for the email.
about the question, it should be answered using the information within your dataset. If you ask questions that are not related to anything supposed to be found inside the dataset, this can lead to hallucination and GPT trying to answer the question anyway.