Answer length

Auto sometimes goes to crazy, and short and direct is sometimes not enough and also seems to add problems with linking and interactive training.

Is there a medium that can be added, or can you restrain the auto in some way?

Hi, this is interesting, so you think that short is limiting the response of the chatbot and sometimes prevents the sending of links and interactive dataset? are you able to back this claim with a video or something? so i can show this to the developers team.

Well, that might have been a temporary issue. But it sent links weird with brackets and parenthesis, and was being especially short. When i switched to auto, this solved. However when i published it to a website the bot started sending very long and very many messages in a row, so i switched to short, and it was better. No idea how this thing works really X)

It felt a lot different after I published it to a live site? is this usually the case?