Answerly-AI is confused about pictures

Answerly is fantastic but has troubles with pictures. I added three pictures with very clear descriptions - but Answerly says it is unable to see or retrieve any pictures. This should be addressed - or else the Picture feature removed…

Hello @jmuenzing

We’ve found out that GPT4 turbo does a much better job at grasping the interactive datasets and does not return such fragmented responses. Could you give it a try?

This is strange, I don’t understand the logic.

If a query is clear and the knowledge-hub is precisely providing the answer (perfectly matching the query) —> there should not be any confusion.

For such straightforward queries, it should work with the basic version, without upgrading to $20 monthly subscription (for only 1-2 client chats per month).

I have removed the picture entries to prevent AI confusion - but still can’t understand the root cause that leads to such an issue…

Thanks for developing this excellent app and staying at the pulse of your community.


The GPT-4 turbo does not require a $20 subscription. It’s a model you can use by adding a payment method to your OpenAI account, and it’s only slightly more expensive than GPT-3.5 in terms of token consumption.

The issue with GPT-3.5 is that it struggles with reasoning, and if you ask several things at once, it tends to be stubborn and ignore some of the requests.

Despite our prompts being clear, and including the fact that there is a picture to be referenced, the model sometimes chooses to overlook this information.

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That would be great but ChatGPT only provides me with two options: stick with 3.5 or get on waiting list to upgrade to Plus at $20/month.

Hi @jmuenzing

When you access this OpenAI url: do you see a payment method attached there? This is for OpenAI’s API access, which is outside of plus subscription.

Can’t upgrade to version-4. GPT tells the following:

“Currently, OpenAI doesn’t offer a specific subscription plan for individual users to access GPT-4. The subscription you’re referring to is likely for the ChatGPT Plus plan, which covers usage of the GPT-3.5 model. If OpenAI releases GPT-4 and introduces a new subscription plan, you would need to check their pricing and subscription details to determine the options available. Keep an eye on OpenAI’s official announcements or website for updates on new models and subscription plans. Until then, you might continue using GPT-3.5 or explore any new features or improvements they introduce for ChatGPT Plus.”


You should be able to select GPT4 turbo as it’s available to everyone with a payment method attached. Simply head to LLM options, and select as in the pic below:

:+1: Yess, I was on the wrong path. All working now - thanks much for the guidance!