Answerly Bot appears 2x and triggered 100x

Big problem. Answerly works normal when user NOT logged in. But as soon a user is logged in, it appears twice (see screenshot) and the greeting message is triggered 10…100x. What could be the problem? Is there a potential conflict with Google reCAPTCHA verification?

Jmuenzing, we are aware of the issue, and it is not affecting token usage or your users. We will investigate this matter and resolve it.

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same here… :wink: They are on it.

Hey @jmuenzing,

The widget in the bottom left appears to be embedded as an iframe. Could you please check your CMS to see if the iframe code is displayed to logged-in users, and remove it?

By the way, the repeated greeting messages are not generated by AI, so this isn’t impacting your spending. It’s just having two identical widgets on the page is causing conflicts, as the widgets are unaware of each other being in the same page.

Thanks, footer-problem now solved. But bot still greets double - not only on my site but also within Answerly… is this a settings problem?

Jmuenzing, you are likely to see this duplication because you are directly logged into de dashboard but the user won’t see this happening, we are working on a fix anyway