Answerly bot has trouble to find information in knowledgebase

Answlerly is great but the bot is not very smart, cannot find the most basic information in the database. Even when I ask for information exactly in the way it was entered in the knowledgebase, Answerly can’t find it. Why? How to fix it?

Hi, i would like to take a look at your dashboard

what was the initial query?

I just Checked, and i think by just saying give me the link it will not get triggered.

you need to specify what are you looking for.

in, fact in another conversation when you asked more specifically about the program the url was provided

When I ask: do you offer Operational Excellence training? The bot gives me a generic answers, and offers a link to the training overview, but without pinpointing the Operational Excellence training course. That’s really bad. The knowledgebase has solid references about this training and should clearly lead the bot to provide the specific answer…

I have a really hard time getting linking to work properly as well.

Anything (Prompt, setup, etc.) you noticed to get it to work better?