Answerly White Label Challenge

Hi today i send to you email below - please for the info:
Hi, I just purchased the White Label plan and I have some questions
How can I enable users to create accounts and pay for a subscription in the same way as they do in Answerly? I’m referring to the process where a customer:

  • Goes to signup and registers
  • Makes a payment, for example, through Stripe
  • Automatically gains access to system features
    When I purchased the White Label plan, I was convinced that this functionality was built-in, but it turns out it’s not.
    I would like the customer to feel like they are creating an account in the application and have their own space, rather than being invited to collaborate. This is even stated in the invitation email.
    Therefore, I would like users to go through the subscription purchase process just like in a SaaS model.
    How can I achieve this? I must do this fast.
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Hi Pawel,

Unfortunately, we do not currently have the capability to automate the payment gateway along with the automatic creation of an account, and I am unable to provide you with an ETA at this time. For now, you will need to manage this yourself

Hi, thats very bad.
Did you have a plan to do this feature?

But now it is poible to change/customize email with is sended when i want to invite client to his workspace?


Hi Pawel,

I understand that this is a much-needed feature. We just discussed it with the team, and we plan to offer it in the future, but we don’t have an ETA yet. Regarding the email, we have a generic email template for the invitation that cannot be changed, but it won’t show any references to Answerly.

I don’t understand why you can’t even change the workspace invitation email template. After all, it is trivially easy? I want my clients to feel that they are buying their space and not being invited for something shared. How do I solve this then?

@Simone , @Fatos Please let me know.

Hi Pawel, at the moment it is not possible to change the email template. Those features are all coming, but for the moment, we are focusing on providing the conversational form update, which will enable your customers to collect information from their users
We think this is a higher priority.

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So you can give quick another option to manual creating workspaces and accounts for clients? After than i will send manualy login data to the clients. PLease i knowa that is possible solution for that.