Answerly White Label: Page Source

Fatos & Simone,

I still have no response on my last thread. Will there be an update changing the page source code of CName white label. Even on my own domain, it shows answerly in source code. If someone is tech savvy enough they will find out that I’m using a white label under “answerly”.

Next, in the chatbots if you look up their Frame Source and scroll down far enough. Once again you’ll find more answerly branding.

Hi Essential,

I can post here an older reply from the founder which I believe is what you are looking for.

All code visible to the user is currently fully whitelabeled. If your clients decide to dig into our source code, they might find traces of FacePop or Answerly.

However, these traces function merely as software resources, and not branding, such as a “Built by Answerly” label within the code.

Can this be fixed by using the CDN or Cloudflare to deliver them.
We want have a fully white labelled as any of our competitors might see such amazing products and avail the same while we have wanted to restrict all this. Please look on to it and see if that can be fixed.

Are you saying that people would be able to see “Built by Answerly” label within the code?

No, i didn’t say that, i’m saying they won’t see any references as “built by answerly”

This being in the start of the code is a huge deal breaker.
This could be Mitigated I hope. On the white label promise. Our competitors are smart to find what tool it is and easily humiliate if found. Please work on this.

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While we inspect element to see which tool is used. Its very easy to find that its answerly. Can you please see how to mitigate all these?

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Hi Thr,
This code above on inspect easily shows its “Created with Answerly”.
@Simone @Fatos Please help and update.