Answerly Whitelabel: Page Source Code + Team Members

I’m trying to go LIVE with your white labeling service. Everything seems to work great Answerly Team, and checks out!

My only problem is with the Page Source and when you Invite Team Members. When I invite a team member, it gives them control of the white-labeling options as well.

Within the options it shows that it was made by Answerly, and I don’t want employees having access to that or knowing it’s built by Answerly.

Next when I go to App.Mydomain.Com, then inspect Page Source the first thing I see is:

3 separate references to Answerly

other than that everything works really well, and I’m invested in your project! Thank you for creating something that we can all enjoy together.

For Example:

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For Example: &

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Hi Essential

If you invite a user to collaborate from your whitelabel dashboard, they should not be able to see any whitelabeling options.

What you are probably doing is inviting them from your main Answerly account and not from the whitelabel account.

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Hi Simone,

Thanks for the speedy reply. I retested this from the and invite them to the admin panel, so that they can help monitor other websites as well.

Same issue, they access to white label and can see answerly.

Page source, is there anyway to mask that?

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I even made a new account, all from my domain. Seems to have the same issue.

Unless you can create another workspace, with the same commands as admin workspace that I’m not aware of.

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Can you bring pack Preview in the whitelabeled version (but with only your own domain and not answerlys). I want employee to be able to preview websites with iframe

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