Appsumo Level 5 / Agency

I see an agency plan on Appsumo but I’m not finding any details on what you get. I only see details up to plan level 3.
Level 5 is said to be the agency plan but I’m not finding any details.
Where can I get the details on what come in the purchase?

Ah, read after using the dropdown I must…
Thank you.

Will the appsumo purchase at level 5 give you future agency level updates or only Pro Level updates going forward as indicated on the appsumo sales page?

Great question!

Hi, there is only one plan available right now, we haven’t planned to add any others at the moment. So, the Pro Plan gives you access to all the features

Then what is level 5. It is said to be the agency Version.
Quote from the website: “On September 10th, we’ll be unveiling The Agency Package! (Tier 5)”
If the Agency version takes off with its own features, if it’s important to know if the Level 5 adopters are along for the ride or on the sidelines.

The Agency Package (Tier 5) refers to the AppSumo deal’s tier 5, which includes all the above-listed features, such as white-label, etc. Since there is no plan above the Pro Plan, there is nothing that should concern you about being left on the sidelines.

I will ping the founder, @Fatos , to this conversation so he might be able to add something I’m not aware of about the future of the agency plan.

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Hey @transactionX

Our tier 5 plan is the highest tier and goes beyond pro plan as well. There are no features that tier 5 will be excluded from!


What does whitelabeling involve? Is it the app itself, or does it also include domains in the code etc.