Back button fails in the Answerly-Facepop integration

Hi, I tested and replicated consistently a bug with the full page embed

Whereby if we open a video or a GDPR link within the Answerly chat, it opens that full page within the widget, but then when I press the back button it doesn’t just go back to the chat, but it goes back to the Facepop interface instead

And in the FP interface if I press the CTA button for Answerly bot again, it goes straight back to the full page embed, and not back to the chat

So this is kinda a loop, with no way for the user/visitor to get back to the chat after entering a full page embed in the widget

Another bug I noticed is with Human Takeover whereby the ‘run code’ option didn’t work, because my script did not appear, and nothing seem to happen after the bot replies that I’ll be connected to a human.

Roughly a week ago, the same ‘run code’ option works partially correctly because at that time even though the existing facepop/answerlychat did not get disappeared/hidden, but at least my code/script triggers the live chat button widget kinda overlayed on top of the existing facepop/answerlychat

But now it’s not showing the live chat widget at all

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Hi Alex can I ask what live chat are you using that is not working?

It was working like a week ago, until you guys probably made some changes, hence now it’s not working

The chat widget is called Quickpage

any updates on this Arben? for both the ‘back button’ and ‘run code’ fix

Let me change this post to bug reports.


When I right click on the Facepop icon on the bottom right, and inspect it, I can see the answerly url instead of the generic whitelabelled url


please investigate why is this happening? I even deleted every single Facepop and remade them which took quite a lot of time, but when I add the instant embed code again, then inspect the widget, I can see the Answerly url again… please fix this quickly?