Best practice for a knowledge base structure

Hello dear support team, hello community,

Is there a best practice solution somewhere on how to build up such a knowledge base? It is difficult to find your way around because there is too much information on the net. Perhaps other users are also interested in this or someone already has a best practice solution?

Hi Ischlegel, I will attempt to create a document that describes the best practices for building a knowledge hub. The challenge lies in the fact that each use case is unique. It could be a product listing, a service-based website, or customer support; therefore, each requires a different approach when writing the dataset. However, I agree that there are some general rules. I will write documentation and post it here for the community.


Hello Simone, that sounds really good and will certainly help some people. It’s really about a kind of blueprint that you can adapt for yourself. Many thanks in advance, INGO