Best practice tips for Conversational form

So, i really need to use the conversational forms with a client - but have a hard time structuring it so it doesn’t get weird. My client has both support and sales questions - any tips on how to structure the questions or specific questions that makes it more natural and can handle both support and sales?

Also for the team it would be cool to know what’s cooking in the background in terms of this and any ETA.


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Hi, yes i understand your issue, this looks like you need a conditional logic form, when there are multiples options which can lead to different paths, right now, it’s not possible to do this at the conversational form level, you can only offer conditional answer on the final instruction input field, we are working to enable conditional logic for the conersational form this was our first release and we were already aware of this.

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Any suggestions on how to work with it until conditional logic is released?

it depends on how complex is the form you want to build, if the questions changes based on the previous question, it won’t be possible right now, if your answer change at the end of the conversational form then yes you can do that.

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IMO, conditional logic is a must! I know, you’re working on it :100:
Hopefully ready sooner than later.


Agree on hopefully sooner rather than later.

However, until then my question was more like, tips on how to structure the form in a sensable way.

As to not feel like your jumping in to a forceful leadcapture at once.

I tried adding a few questions before the leadcapture, like what do you need help with option: purchase or support? “Can you explain your question in more detail?”, “if you wont find your answers with me, would you like to be contacted by an expert?” and then phone email.

There are just different ways of approaching the form if you want to use it at all, which i must with a client - the question is what are some best practices, tips and structures to make it as natural as possible and and minimize resistanse to the email/phone part which if they don’t want to give - is basically a conversation ender.

So I’m just curious how others go about it.

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