Best way of stopping hallucination links?

So I’m looking for the balance between using the actual links i want it to use and and not hallucinate links.

If i tell it to not create fictional urls it seems to stop wanting to send links at all, at least to a lesser extent. If i don’t have it it provides links to all the right places, unless it’s unclear and it hallucinates one.

How can i best navigate this issue?

Hi my suggestion is that you do not use custom prompts on the dashboard I’ll leave it empty. Add this onto your summary on his own. Let me know how you if you need more help.

Click here to visit the website

Replace with your domain
Click here to visit the website

It’s always better to provide examples than negative prompts, as the latter are less effective. It’s better to educate the bot on how to answer a question with an example.

Telling the bot not to hallucinate won’t work, hallucinations occur when the user’s keywords don’t match the content inside the dataset, or the quality score is too low, leading the AI to make up content.

Therefore, the best way to prevent this is to ensure that the users’ queries match the content inside your datasets.

If you have a lot of links, I would suggest using Google Sheets and creating a column that describes what the link is for.

What’s your specific use case?

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yea, i always leave the custom prompt empty. I tried adding this to the business info and identity. It helps but also make the bot less likely to give links when i want it to. I’ll try add it to the knowledge base. Do you mean, add it as a summary or can i put it in my overall google doc?

i would like to have a look at your google docs documentation so i can advice you, can you send me a private message?

My client has a lot of different product categories and want the bot to point the user to the right place depending on what the customers after. I’ve had some success describing my website and how the product categories work instead of using interactive links.

If i want to add instructions like “Educate the bot on how to answer”, do you suggest i add that to my Google doc which is most of my knowledge base, or how do you suggest i add them? Also, any required formatting when you are writing instructions as opposed to “knowledge”?