Bot re-asks itself the question as a visitor, then responds to itself incorrectly

When the visitor clicks “card balance”, it responds as though the visitor typed the response, then responds to that.
And for something simple, like “what’s my card balance” I’ve fine-tuned it many, many times, but it still gives a ton of incorrect answers. Such as the screenshot, asking what their card number is. It doesn’t have access to the card data, it’s a third party site. And in some occasions it throws out a dollar amount on the balance, some hundreds of dollars when in reality there’s less than a dollar.
How do I resolve this? I have hallucinations off, and it’s a very common question and something a bot would be perfect for but I can’t roll it out on every location, it’ll cause a mess.
The same and very simple answer is - You can check your card balance at

have you tried by instructing the agent on the custom prompt? you could just say, when an user is enquiring about credit card balance just provide the following information: [ here the info ]