Bot repeatedly asks same questions. How to Fix?

Even though I type some numbers it repeatedly asks for phone number again and again. How do we fix this?

Hi, Mcheal
this is happening because we have a validation for phone numbers, and you are required to enter a correct phone number.

Can the bot reply like Saying can you please give me a valid phone number? Also how does this validate? I mean what if the country code is needed does that account it?

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Hi, the validation is made by open ai, the validation will only check if the number is an incorrect format.

you can’t right now create your own validation for the country code, i give you an example:

PLease provide your phone number
465463513513561 this number has too many digits there fore is not correct.

this one +44756756132 looks like a legit number so it’s correct, but it will work also without the country code, the country code it’s something easy to add with a google spread sheets once you have all the numbers, you can either remove or add.