Branding at footer of facepop and answerly

Some other bots I have allow us to brand the footer with “powered” by our brand with a clickable link, this is a huge feature for white label, can you please incorporate this? Otherwise, will have to possibly go elsewhere. This would be easy to do and this benefites white labelers greatly. Appreciate the consideration.


I agree with you Jim having our own brand would be brilliant. However I think the most important at the moment is to remove the QR code on the white label client site and have a way to share the bot with our clients totally white label at the moment soon as they click on it it goes back to Answerly hence why I’ve not launched yet.

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I agree that needs to be done but if the footer is not clickable to my page it defeats the purpose. I will have bots in the wild and if people like the bot they all look at the footer or many do. That is how you grow organically and get momentum. Unfortunately if this is not gonna be done I will most likely need to refund, it is that important to me.

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I agree with Jim and Zeni, also some option to generate 1 link from whitelabel brand responsive chatbot to generate some demos to share in one click. The option of QR code it´s open from url answerly also on whitelabel please fix this issues.

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+1 for what Jim said

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Hello everyone,

I want to be open and share my views about this. I think this feature could put the Answerly brand at risk. Therefore, it has been put on hold until we grow further, and have a stronger brand.

In the meantime, we are fully committed to offering one of the best white-label options available. We are working on a plan creator, a new client management system, and adding support for Stripe/Paddle.

Thank you for your understanding, and we always appreciate your feedback!

@Fatos Thank you for your explanation. There is no doubt that answerly whitelabel is the best on the market, and we are grateful for your effort and commitment. We don’t want to jeopardise the Answerly brand any more than we want to jeopardise our company. We’re simply stating here what could benefit us, and if it does, we’d be extremely grateful for it. Thank you once again for the technology you’ve provided, and we’ll be here to help in any way we can.


Hi Ferreiraview, thank you for your understanding and the kind words of support! We will look into the QR code issue and the shared link from the white-label dashboard.

@Simone Thanks to you, for always being here to help and always looking for a solution for us.