Bugs on generating URLs

We tried adding links in QA answers and it produces weird characters in the generated links. Hopefully we can get it fixed ASAP as this is so important to most people’s project requirements.

Here’s what it looks like:

Hi CreativeNerve, I tried to log into your dashboard, but the email on your profile doesn’t match the Answerly account, so I couldn’t access your knowledge hub.

However, I recently created a video for another user that may help you with the issue of links on the Q&A dataset. Let me know if this works for you.

Any update on fixing the URL issues? We’ve tried so many way but the chatbots are still giving wrong. Most of the time it generate it’s own URL that is not even in the training data.

Hi, this will likely get sorted when OpenAI releases an update to fix hallucination.
The best method right now for consistency is by using the link dataset.

We have also noticed that URLs have proven to be difficult to manage. We are working to implement a new update to make the URL more consistent with GPT, but it will prove to be difficult to achieve 100% accuracy without an update on the current LLM model.

Aside from generating fake URLs, most of the time the generated URL has an HTML P tag too. Can we find a way to solve this? I don’t think it’s caused by OpenAi because in other platforms (for example: Flowise or Langflow) it’s not happening. @Fatos @Simone can you have a look please. Thank you so much.

Ok sure I just notified Fatos about this.

I had something similar, but from a “quickReply”:

It’s created a new URL which points to some kindof trading platform.

@Fatos @Simone We really love Answerly and I’m sure it will be a fantastic tool really soon. But for now, we stopped marketing our White Label Ai Chatbot Business because almost all of our clients are asking for refund. Mainly because of the issues in URL generation. We truly appreciate if can prioritize solving this issue first before developing new features. Our loss is already significant to be perfectly honest. Hope you can help us. Thanks guys.

Hi, CreativeNerve

Our team is currently focused on improving URL generation.
We have successfully created a dataset for URLs to avoid urls inconsistency however, we understand that some use case heavily rely on the provision of consistent URLs, and we are actively addressing this issue.

Hi, sorry for the delay, this issue should be fixed can you please test?

Hi Simone, for us the issue still exists.

80% of the time when a chat bot replies with our URL it adds a dot (‘.’ - which suppose to end a sentence) or other HTML characters to the link. It results with users not landing on our Help Center - this basically makes the chatbot unusable. We would really appreciate your help with solving the issue.

For me it looks like there is a problem with how you parse the URL in the responses to generate HTML links. When a URL is provided at the end of a ‘chat bubble’ then link doesn’t have a dot, but if it’s in the middle of a ‘chat bubble’ it adds a dot.

Hi, i will ask @Fatos to look into this.

In which dataset type is the url is located? summary, google docs?

We actually have it in both places. I couldn’t quickly figure it out from which place it takes it. In both places the URL doesn’t contain a dot.

Hello, I have the same challenge. The bot is supposed to give out a calender-link, so the customers can book an appointment. But unfortunately it keeps halucinating links. Especially when a customer asks two questions at the same time. (But maybe this is another issue). In the knowledge base I use the Calendar- Funktion and the Link-Funktion. What else can I try?

Hi Andy

why don’t you use the calendar datasets to book appointments?

Hello Simone,
I do use the calendar function (in the interactive training menu item). However, as it does not work reliably, I have added the same content as a link function. But fantasy links are still displayed.
Do I use the calendar funktion wrong?
What else can I try?

i think you have duplicated the same booking url, on multiples datasets, also i was not able to check the uploaded docs

Anyway when testing the booking calendar just worked fine for me, also the url i got was correct 5 times out 5

Thank you Simone for testing. Today I got three working links and four times I was just led to the same page I already was. I will keep testing.
What would you need to check the uploaded docs?