Bulk Link Upload - Training

Displaying correct links has been a big issue for me, not only with Answerly but with other chatbot platforms I tested as well. Chatbots frequently make up links that don’t exist even if we use real-time website training.

Answerly might be onto something with a separate training section for links. However, if there are many links on the website (for example, product pages on an online store), entering every single page separately would be extremely tedious.

I would love to see a bulk upload for links.

I spoke with a developer and he mentioned the use of JSON-formatted data. I actually got the same answer from Chat GPT, so maybe there is something to it.

Anyway, providing links correctly is absolutely essential for e-commerce brands.

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Hey @pkom79,

Our links dataset needs a description for each link so you can teach the agent about the links effectively.

I don’t see a way to handle this in bulk because each link is usually unique and therefore requires a unique description.

What are your thoughts?

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I think it could be fairly easy to create a spreadsheet with product names and links. Every link would have a description - product name. My question is, could you instruct the bot to use only links from the spreadsheet?


That’s definitely a good idea. I’ll try to see if I can implement it.

I’ve noticed that new users are complaining about too many options, while trying to figure things out, so we’re trying to keep some aspects simple.

We also support the creation of links via API. Do you think you could work with that in the meantime?

I checked out the link but have no idea what’s going on there :rofl:
I would need to hire someone to figure it out for me.

I’ll wait and see if there is a way to do it in a simpler way.

I’ve had semi decent success with links in google sheets. Also contact list - but it’s not super reliable and could definately be improved substantially.


The link dataset triggers instructional prompts to make the AI aware that there are links, whereas a Google Sheet is simply used as a knowledge fragment to create an answer.

If you were to import all links as individual link datasets, you would likely have much better success.

Yea. I was trying to make the bot aware of the family of links i had. I.e I have a resource section with around 8-10 different categories. So if the user asks for resources the bot could suggest categories or tell the user which categories he could choose from.

I felt, at least in the beginning that it mixed them up. But now that i think of it, it may had been when I had my own custom prompt so I’ll try again.

Is there a way to input links in bulk, maybe as a csv?

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