Buttons or Headers/Footers in Webchat Bot (Permanent QuickReplies Buttons)

I would like to be able to add headers and footers to the Webchat bot so that I can add buttons to say “Book 30 Minute Call” or “Email us directly”, etc. Basically permanent buttons at the top and bottom of the bot that can open URLs or perform actions. Thoughts?

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I would also like to have icons in my Chatbot Widget that can link directly to my social media (Facebook, YT, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc).

BTW - this is similar to QuickReplies but would be permanent buttons that do not need to be triggered. IT would also be nice if one of these buttons would trigger human takeover and/or direct folks to my main Support site so they can enter a ticket.

Hi Denny,

Yes, we are considering using quick replies as conversation starters.
so you can use them as a button at the beginning of the conversation.

They will likely not perform an action directly, but you can use your dataset to perform an action based on what you enter as a description inside the quick reply button.

For example, if you have a button with a description that matches a video, it will trigger a video if clicked, send a link for the user to click on, or open an iframe with a form.


this sounds great!

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Thanks for the reply. Yes I get that QuickReplies CAN be conversation starters but from what I can see the only way to have these buttons always pop up is if you disable interactive mode and force buttons only to be used. Can you please provide more detail on whether we can force buttons to ALWAYS be present in standard interactive mode without a conversation matching the trigger. Ideally if you just made an option to have QuickReplies with buttons show up ALWAYS without needing to be triggered I think this adds some of the functionality I am asking for.

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Yes, I understand. Sorry if my previous answers were not clear. However, we will likely add the option to have them activated from the beginning without the need to trigger them.


Do you have an ETA on when this might be implemented or where it is in the Dev cycle (aka QuickReplies buttons can be activated without a trigger and CAN stay in place permanently)? I ask because I could use something like this ASAP. Thx.


We are discussing this right now, as soon as i have more information about the eta I will update this here

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Thanks so much. :slight_smile:

Any progress on this? DO you have an ETA for this feature? Thx.

Again - this feature is CRITICAL to us keeping the product and we are approaching our 60 day refund window from AppSumo and we are testing other Chatbots. Please give an ETA for completion as you competitors already offer this via something called conversation starters. Others also integrate external data from sites like Shopify and WooCommerce better so adding this is very important to me personally.

Wow - I can’t believe that I mentioned that this was critical and NO ONE bothered to respond to this 6 days later. Ready to move on from this and get a refund since I feel very unheard atm. Thx.

Hi Denny

we are about to release an update of the quick replies, which will help to kick start the intial conversation.

Hi Denny i have create a video that shows how you use qiuck replies on the start of the conversation, and from there how to create a funnel with different quick replies based on the previous questions. is this something that can help you with your use case? please watch the video