Capturing data

Is it possible to parse the chat data? For example let’s assume the AI agent is placed on an e-commerce website, and the visitor places an order in the chat. How can I notify the store owner that somebody placed an order in the chat, and also send over the chat details?

Hey MMA184, this will likely require a native integration between Answerly and the e-commerce system.
We don’t have this functionality integrated yet, but we are considering ways to integrate more deeply with major e-commerce systems like Shopify.

@Simone, not asking for an integration with an e-commerce platform. I mean can I get at least a transcript after each interaction (at this point I’m only seeing a transcript available if the user resets the chat), or is there any way to send the transcript to a mailhook in After that I can easily ask openai to analyze the text and notify if there is a order or not.

i believe i’ve found my answer. This is something to be released: “conversational form update”

Hey @MMA184

I believe with the new conversational form that’s coming to Answerly, you should be able to achieve something of similar nature.

Could you elaborate however, how do you expect the user to make a purchase from within the widget?

The “purchase” it would be purely fictional, where user is telling the ai agent that he want’s a product, he will be asked by the AI Agent some personal details as full name, delivery address, phone and email, and will say we are confirming the order. Once that data is captured, the order will be placed manually by a human agent in the backend.

I understand, then the new conversational forms should completely cover this problem for you. As we will introduce webhooks upon form completion, which you can trigger to send your data to a third party platform such as

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