Chat Widget appears UNDERNEATH my website

Hello, I have still trouble setting up ANSWERLY correctly.


The Chat Widget appears UNDERNEATH my website on the left side. In the Backend I setup the right side and it should appear at the end of the website, not underneath it.

Can you please help!?

Hi Dekay can you please share a link of your website? or send this to me via personal chat.

@DeKay @Simone

This happens because the user used the iframe embed code. The Instant Embed code will always hover.

Remove the code you’ve added, and use Instant Embed instead:

@Fatos I removed the code as advised. How exactly I have to use the embed code? Where do I find information which code I have to ude now?

Hello @DeKay

Please read this article that guides you how to do precisely that:

Just for future reference, the iframe code you’ve used is for when you want to put the widget within a page, and not hover or float above your page, like a traditional live-chat widget.

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Hello Fatos, hello Simone, thanks for your help. It works now :slight_smile:

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