Chatbot for Shopify

Is there Shopify API integration on your roadmap?

If not (or until it’s implemented), do you have a workaround for Answerly with Shopify? Is there another way to access order information with fulfillment status and tracking number?

Hey @pkom79

Currently, a smart Google Sheet is the optimal choice for e-commerce chatbots.

Our training platform is tailored to interpret rows from your spreadsheet, such as order numbers and statuses, product names, descriptions, and prices.

Just make sure you don’t leak sensitive information in your spreadsheet.

An integration with Shopify is currently in development, but I do not have an ETA.

However, you are welcome to submit a feature request detailing what you would like to see in this integration, which will help us create a more useful feature.


I purchased the five tier Appsumo deal. I have Shopify so I am uncertain if this works for me. I am not sure I understand the suggestion of google sheets to feed the bot. How would my customers be able to link up with the bot if they came to my website? I believe the google sheets would house all of my information to train the Bot on my products and business but unsure how this would connect with my customers.

Hi Angie, right now we don’t have a direct integration with Shopify, but by using Google Sheets and entering the product item name, a description, and a link, depending on what you’re selling, the chatbot can recommend and pass direct links to the article page. I’ll give you an example.

The user types: “I need to buy a smartphone with 128GB.”
The chatbot will scan the Google Sheets URL and provide the article link and description, so the user can go straight to that page and complete the purchase.

One of our next updates is going to help you achieve what you want. It’s called ‘Product’, and it’s going to show a carousel of products with images and links. We are still considering how we can make a native integration with Shopify as we believe it will be very useful.

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Thank you for the response and for being so detailed! Ok, so my newbie question is how do I get that bit on my website??? If I don’t have a way to add the code to Shopify. I hope this makes sense. I hope you will be able to come through with an integration. That would be awesome.

Hi, i’m sending you a dm so i can help you to install the chatbot widget on your website

Hi Simone, can you please send me instructions on where to install the code snippet on Shopify? I am trying to add the instant chat widget to my shopify website.

Hi Simone,

The “Product Carousel” feature sounds realy nice. Is there a ETA when the update will be included? Would love to see this feature :slight_smile:. Thanks for your answer.