Chatbot giving the wrong answers / Hallucination

Hi there,

I have been scratching my head on this. I trained my chatbot on my client’s website + a csv file that has a list of zip codes that my client’s business serve. These zip codes are important because the business is very local and focused only on a set of areas. The list also contains pricing for 2 types of product that they deliver to the zip codes.

I have tried changing the file format and train it on google sheet, CSV, & PDF, I have also tried it tweaking the system prompt & business information (as I saw one of the admins recommended doing so in a thread), but the hallucination still prevails.

for reference, I have attached a screenshot in which the chatbot gives a positive response on a zip code that the business clearly does not serve. This is just one example; chatbot would also mostly go wrong on the pricing & MOQ.


Hi, i just logged on your dashboard but i could not find that specific agent or google sheets with the image above.

can you please send me a private messag so i can review this?


I just sent you a video reply