Chatbot has started to freeze my website

when i activate the chatbot on my website, it is significantly slowing it down to the point it starting to freeze and give me error message. It disappears when i remove the chatbot. Its weird because i’ve had it for a while and it hasnt happened before. PLEASE help!

Hi, is this still happening? can you provide the url via private message?

I’ve had the same issue on 2 websites. What is the solution?

It’s happening in one of my website too running on Wordpress.

I think I solved it on my end, by deleting the domain from answerly, then deleting the code from my website - and then reinstalling it.

Also one thing to note which I had done was that I had duplicated chatbots and what I didn’t realize was that the imbed on website settings also got duplicated, so i had 3 chatbots with “show on all pages” on my website.

@Simone , any official reply on this one?

Hey @MMA184 & @paradisianway,

I’ve noticed this issue often occurs when a CMS like WordPress downloads the Answerly files and loads them from within its own environment.

While plugins that perform these actions aim to cache content and speed up your website, they can remove flags that we set in our files, that allow browsers to treat Answerly widgets as secondary resources, meaning the browser gives priority to your website’s content first and treats our widgets as less critical.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, please disable any such settings for the Answerly domains. Our file are already best optimized to load fast and not interrupt your website rendering.

Regarding the freezing issue, our products do not typically freeze; it is likely due to a misconfiguration. If you believe it’s an issue originating from Answerly and not from custom configurations, such as custom JavaScript, I would be happy to look into it further.

I will keep an eye on it. I’ve deleted the cache on my computer and phone and not freezing anymore. The e-comm platform that I’m using is not WP and also had it on a wix environment wich did the same thing.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get this to work with my Wordpress site with WPEngine. I asked them, and they responded: “ask Answerly if there’s any cache exclusions that need to be put into place for this to work properly. Once we have those, it should be relatively easy to fix this.” I have a similar problem, my website keeps crashing and gobbling up memory with the Answerly bot enabled.