Chatbot settings not updating

Trying to edit greeting messages and switch side where the chatbot showsup on the website but none of the updates work. It says it’s changed in the settings, even if I close the window and get back the changes are still there but it’s not updating within the chatbot. Quick reply does not work either.

I tried cloning the chatbot and the updates reflects in the cloned one, but now when i enter “do not show” on the website it doesn’t remove from the website either.

I’ve tried refreshing, closing etc.

I removed the other bot entirely and it doesn’t remove from the website. I tried removing the code, and removing the domain from answerly and readding but it keeps readding the old removed chatbot.

Hey there,

Can you please send an email to, with the email from your Answerly account so I can check the issues?

Thank a lot, and I apologize for the inconvenience.


thanks, i sent the message.