Clone / Duplicate / Transfer Chatbots/Facepops across Workspaces (Whitelabel)

It would be nice to be able to
• Clone & Transfer Chatbots /Facepops across Workspaces
• Clone a Workspace with all Settings & Co

Use Case: We set up a chatbot trained with all data, prompts and all settings to be ready to be used in another workspace (for another client).

They would have an "Out Of The Box” ready to go Chatbot + Workspace and do not have to spend any more time on it than connect their API Key.

Don’t know if thats possible technically. :wink:


This would be such a timesaver for whitelabel users.


i second this! by implementing this feature, we wouldnt have to start from scratch all the time, also a huge time saver for niche solutions, where the majority of training data is the same and only gets finetuned with client business infos!

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I used a system where they called it a blueprint but for automations. GHL also has snapshots. Similar concepts. Am am guessing this could be done with bots as well. If it can be done…In Fatos we trust! :grinning:

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