If I’ve invited an email, but the message did not go through, is there a way to resend the invite? When I go to delete the invite and re-invite, the message prompt says that email cannot be added.

Did you delete the Email from the answerly system from the workspace?

  1. Delete Email in Collaborate

To my knowledge Fatos said he will add an invite link feature, to manually sent the invite link to customers. But you can also use API to generate an invite link automatically. But not that easy to do. :wink:

I also hope to see an API Call to
a) Delete User Email from Workspace
b) Delete Workspace

@Fatos Just to confirm and let you know!
I now have the same problem. I invited 3 brandnew emails to a workspace from my whitelabel admin to different workspaces. No email invitation was sent!

I’m facing the same issue. No emails came through.

@Marvin I can see e-mails getting delivered from your setup.

Looking at this right now.


Here i show you in 2minutes , that this does not work. :frowning:

Generating invite link via API works. I tested it.

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Hello @Marvin & @Fred

Due to a server upgrade, SMTP connections are temporarily blocked. Getting this fixed asap.

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SMTP is back online. @Marvin @Fred @bejaminlp

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@Fatos Thank you! Works as expected now.


When I attempt to edit/add a collaborator in the private label, the link is inactive. I’ve refreshed, cleared cache and nothing changed.

NM - I logged out and signed back in and it worked.

Scratch the NM, It logged me back in under the answerly workspace, when I switch to my workspace it doesn’t show the collaborate option.