Custom ChatBot Logo

Hello, I would like to use my own Logo for the ChatBot. It would be great if you allow us to do so! Also I would like to change the size of it …

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Hi DeKay, I saw you already changed the logo inside your chat widget.

However, I guess you mean the icon of the chat bubble is the one you would like to change. This is not possible right now, but we will see in the future.

To change the size of the bubble icon, try this inside the custom code → custom JS.
try this code:‘zoom’, ‘1.2’);

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Hello Simone, thats right I mean the size of the Bubble.

I tried to paste in the code (Custom Code → Custom JS) but unfortunately it does not change the size of the bubble yet. Can you please check it again?


Hey @DeKay

Can you dm me your e-mail address and the chatbot name? I’ll do this for you!

I have modified the code this should work, i have just tested.‘zoom’, ‘1.2’);

Hey Fatos, Simone sent me some CSS code. Now the bubble is much bigger! Thanks!

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Uploading own Logo to Chatbot Bubble would be amazing!


can anyone post this code to get the bubble bigger? I tried it unsuccesfully. Is it as is?

@paradisianway Put the following code under Custom JS not CSS:'zoom', '1.2');

When can we expect uploading our own icon or logo for the chat widget please?