Customers can just sign up and starting building chatbots?

I don’t understand how the white-label works. I tried opening an inkognito window and signing up with a new account on the login page.

After I did that, i got my login and could start to create chatbots and everything just like that?

So basically anyone can start creating chatbots for free if they are creating an account with my white-label?

How do we limit this or how does it even work?

When i check clients on my whitelabel account - it says that new user has a free acount?

What does that mean? And i can only choose between free and whitelabel pro?

Can i limit the ammount of chatbots or anything like that?

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Hey @paradisianway

  1. Free users have the same limitations as our free users.

  2. You can disable free sign-ups completely under My Agency → Look and Feel → Other Features.

  3. There should soon be a plan creator feature available that you can use to create your own plans, besides the Free and Whitelabel Pro soon – We are collecting feedback on which features you would like to limit, besides the chatbot amount.

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Okey thank you. So what’s the free version right now, what does that entail? What can they do?

That’s cool.
For what limits you want to set i’m not really sure besides chatbots and possibly agents. Possibly messages but not sure if that works on byok.