Deleting Conversations

Ability to delete selected or all conversations. It would be useful if we could delete the test conversations before handing over the bot to the client.


I agree with this! I’ll try to have it live by tomorrow!

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I’ve introduced a feature that allows you to delete conversations:

Currently, you can delete one conversation at a time, but I plan to add a multi-select option soon as we continue to enhance the conversation window’s capabilities.

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Thank you @Fatos for implementing it so quickly!

Lightning fast. Congrats

@Fatos This is helpful but I am receiving a pop-up error message stating: “Error, Not found” when I try to delete a conversation. Thanks for being so responsive, we appreciate it!

Hey @A.J Please try to refresh with Ctrl+F5

@Fatos that did the trick, thanks again!

*(On another note & I’ll submit this as a feature request later on as it’s unrelated to the deleting request though, it would be nice to be able to export the conversations in some manner, either CSV, TXT, PDF, DOC, or some way that we can package it up nicely to report back about overall usage.)

Keep up the great work, loving the product :+1:

If I may add, some other chatbots give you the ability to send an email containing all the conversations and leads of the last 24 hours or even push those through webhooks.

Hey @Santofer,

We have that setting in the widget:

After resetting a conversation, you can receive a transcript via email.

We’re currently working on extending the conversation window with more features soon. Additionally, we plan to introduce transcription webhooks at the agent level as well.

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