Do I need Chat GPT and Open AI to use Answerly?

Hi, first up, your own bot is out of date. It gives out to get customer support, which has an auto reply to here. So is this where I get support from?

Here’s my issue:

I’ve tried to add a website in real-time-training and URLs in one-time training. On both of these, I get the following error message:

“You have not added an OpenAI API key yet! Please add an API key by accessing the menu “LLM Options” to your left!:”

However, I thought I didn’t need an OpenAI account for Answerly. Your bot then said I could add URL’s without a paid OpenAI account, but I get the same error.

I then created an OpenAI account, and added an API key to Answerly, and now I get this error message:

“For your OpenAI API key to function, it must have an attached payment method. You can attach a payment method by clicking this link”

Does this mean I have to pay a paid OpenAI account and pay for Chat GPT to make Answely work?

Hi James,

While an OpenAI key is required to make Answerly work, you don’t need to subscribe to the ChatGPT Plus subscription, which has a monthly fee of $20.

You only need to create an OpenAI account and generate an API key with a credit card attached in order to start consuming the API calls and create a connection between OpenAI and Answerly.

OK, so will there be a cost from OpenAI for this?

Yes, our business model for LTD buyers is based on BYOK, which means “Bring Your Own Key.” We prefer this model over giving away credits because we want to ensure that we can sustain platform costs in the long term.

OK, roughly speaking, if I only have a couple of bots on low traffic sites, is it cheaper to do it this way than a $20 ChatGPT Plus option? Does a subscription give unlimited access?

I want to avoid expensive monthly costs.

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Hi, if you have low traffic, it can be cheaper, especially if you opt to use GPT-3.5. Just to give you an example, 5000 messages with GPT-3.5 cost around $5.

The ChatGPT Plus subscription for $20 is not linked to Answerly, it’s a subscription that allows you to use ChatGPT on their website but not to connect with other services using their API service.

Hi Simone, so essentially, I must have paid OpenAI account to connect to Answerly, and there are no other options?

Yes, with any BYOK you use your account and are billed for what you use. Actually, one of the things that makes me feel good about my investment as it is prudent business. Plus, this team shows they care. Those are the people I want to take a chance on. Let’s go ANSWERLY!


Usually the alternative to BYOK is you receive message credits until a limit from the host - then you buy additional credits with a margin. So either the company fronts all of the cost for the messsages, in which case their businessmodel is doomed to fail, or the business fronts some of the cost and you will have to pay for additional credits (usually with a high margin added), or you bring your own key and you front all the cost but you get it for the cheapest price possible.