Enhanced Experience Update ✨

Enhanced Experience Update :sparkles:

We’re excited to unveil our latest updates that significantly enhance the user experience and bring meaningful improvements to the Answerly chatbot system.

Auto Language Recognition

Our chatbot has been upgraded to automatically recognize and respond in the language that your visitors use when communicating with the chatbot.

You can switch between languages just by sending messages in a different language!

Responses triggered by our Quality Control systems will be in the preferred language as well.

Human Takeover Effectiveness

Based on valuable feedback, we have improved our human takeover detection mechanism.

We’ve incorporated various trigger words, including ‘agent’, ‘human’, or ‘live chat’, which will now direct you to human assistance.

Additionally, we’ve also implemented an advanced layer of analysis that specifically identifies queries for human takeover requests.

Enhanced Answer Quality

We’ve revamped our prompts to ensure concise, clear, and friendly responses from our chatbot. This enhancement is designed to further improve the overall user experience.

We’ve rebuilt our contact form setup to avoid broken HTML or links, making it more effective and efficient. Broken HTML is now a thing of the past!

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for the following updates:

  • More options for human takeover
  • Language preference selection
  • API Access
  • Whitelabel & Workspaces