Export Conversations + Feedback

This might belong in feature requests but is there a way to export conversations?

Also is there a way to get feedback (like a thumbs up/down) on comments produced by the bot so we can have an idea of how users are finding the responses produced?


That’s a great idea!

Hi Nickfree, I have a question: what exactly do you mean by “exporting”?

Exporting the conversation to a text or CSV file can be done easily, and we can certainly add this option.

Regarding the feedback thumbs up/down, I have seen this feature in other chatbots, and we are working to create a system that will understand the overall response and provide you with a tool to increase overall accuracy based on a mix of the confidence response score and user experience. However, we don’t want to use the thumbs up/down because we noticed that many users don’t really use that option when prompted, and sometimes they respond to the thumbs up or down inappropriately, leading the bot to think the answer was wrong when it was actually correct.

Hi Simone,

Yes exporting via text or CSV file would be great. Easier to go through and analyse. When could you do this?

Ok sound’s good. I agree thumbs up/down could inpact the bot into thinking answered incorrectly but someway to gather experience from users would be helpful.

Thank you

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Hi Simone,

I hope you had a great Christmas. I am just touching base to see if this option is going to be added or is there any other way I can export chats? thanks