FACEPOP - Creating a Mastermind Group for this application. If interested in joining, let me know

I’m looking to create a Mastermind Group for FacePop. If interested in joining, let me know. The idea of this group, will be to meet up either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, with a relatively small group of people who have purchased and use FacePop to sell to businesses as a service. This group will work together, share ideas, test thing, help each other, determine potential strategies for selling FacePop, etc.

If you are have a business and are selling or wanting to sell “FacePop” as a service to generate income for your business, and if you’d like to meet up and work together with other people who are working towards a similar goal, feel free to contact me back and let me know you’re interested in joining this group.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who may be interested.

Gary Gordon

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I’d definitely be interested, gonna start selling this after the first of the year, also have answerly. Great idea. Also know someone else that would be interested as he has both.

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@Jim Sounds great. I’ll be in touch shortly. Gary

I just wanted to let people know that this group is still open to anyone who uses FACEPOP and would like to join a group to discuss marketing ideas, business building ideas, share thoughts, etc., with other FacePop licensed users. Feel free to contact me back if you’re interested in finding out more and potentially interested in joining the group. :slight_smile:

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