Facepop slows down the page load speed

How I recently purchased Facepop and installed it on my site using tag manager. I’ve done some speed tests and have noticed a significant decrease in page load speed and page size on some of my page. Here is a screen shot of before and after installing facepop page load speed:

Some of the other pages load speed has been affected 2-5X which is pretty significate and bad for SEO and user experience. Can someone help me address this?

Hello, thank you for asking.

Some SEO or cache plugins (usually from WordPress) create copies of widget files on your website for quicker access. Although this may seem beneficial, it strips our files of properties that signal to the browser their secondary importance, allowing the primary focus to remain on rendering your webpage first. This can result in the browser trying to render our widgets before the rest of your website.

Could it be that you are experiencing an issue related to this?

Alternatively, if you provide me with your website details, I can investigate further, as the provided screenshot appears to be broken.

I’m not going to provide my personal information here… do you have an email address?