Facepop White Label Assistance

I purchased the white label for Answerly as well as Facepop. However, Facepop still ask me to pay for the white label. Can you please fix this for me.


Hey @revenuegrowthgroup

Can you let me know how have you purchased FacePop whitelabel?

Thank you

I purchased both on Appsumo Fatos.

Hello @revenuegrowthgroup

Whitelabel automatically activates if you have redeemed 10 codes for FacePop, and activated Tier 5 for Answerly.

If you have done both, then dm me your e-mail and I’ll check it out.

Thanks for the response. I dont see where thats spelled out on the Appsumo order page. It states that for Answerly, which is why I purchased 5. However, it does not show that on Facepop. Am I missing this somewhere on the page? Thanks so much.

Hey @revenuegrowthgroup

AppSumo has not updated our pricing tables yet for FacePop. If you purchase tier 5 for Answerly, you get whitelabel access for Answerly.

If you purchase 10 codes for FacePop, you get whitelabel access for FacePop as well.

@Fatos @Simone Do you have any thorough video tutorials (with a voice over in English) for FacePop White Label to show us how to properly set things up, how to add Workspaces for our clients, how to invite our clients to their Workspaces, how to create or allow them to create a custom domain for the “Get Link” to their videos? (I’m hoping they can do this on their own.), how to know which items to select or not select when setting up a Workspace for a client, just everying, step by step. I feel very confused and I’m not sure if anyone else feels this way, but if you have (or could create quickly) a full and in-depth video tutorial that would walk us through everything we need to do when setting up a new client in FacePop White Label, that would be great. Is there anyhing currently available? If not, can you provide this and how soon? Thanks, Gary Also tagging in: @revenuegrowthgroup