Force GPT 3.5 for Whitelabel sub-accounts AND lock areas in sub-accounts

I might have missed this somewhere in the help docs but is there a way to force GPT 3.5 and to use OUR API Key only for created sub-accounts on AS Tier 5 (aka Whitelabel)? I believe there is a way to limit #tokens but I want to make sure that clients cannot override this setting for accounts we provide to them or that we may be using as short-term trials to hook folks. So, want to make sure that global admin (aka ME) can force GPT 3.5 with limited tokens for specific sub-accounts or even all. Basically, I don’t want to spend GPT 4.0 tokens when GPT 3.5 is SOOO much less expensive even if it sacrifices quality and speed somewhat. We will reserve GPT 4.0 customers who are paying us more (we may still limit our API usage but will give them more options). Just trying to see how much a Global Admin account can lock sub-account workspaces really - having FULL control over what people can and cannot change in sub-accounts when using Whitelabel seems key to this.

Also, now that I’m thinking of this is there a way to create sub-accounts via API so that I can automate creation of these sub-accounts when someone signs up? Thx.



Havent seen any feedback from Support on this. Thoughts?

Hi Denny, let me ping the founder, @Fatos. I’m not sure how complicated it can be to implement such a restriction.

Hello @denny, thank you so much for this request.

We are currently developing a “plan builder” for white-label customers and will consider the option of enabling or disabling features in this manner as well.


Great, can’t wait!

Any progress on this - do you have an ETA for this feature?

Hey @denny

Our plan builder is supposed to come this January! It’s been scheduled after conversational forms, which is going live today.