GDPR Question

I feel like there needs to be things added to my customers Data protection policy, privacy policy or whatever to be complient with GDPR. I know answerly is complient but how can they know that on our customers websites unless we put something there, or even on our own website as service providers?

Please advice.

any thoughts advice on this?

that is on you bro, you are responsible not answerly. From a legal standpoint this protects answerly.

I get that, but i need advice on how to achieve it? I think we are all here to help eachother no? Everything is “on you” in theory, bro.

I got this question for instance by my client.

“Do you have a compilation of the security measures you have taken into account? I know one of the questions was about who owns/has access to the information provided in the Chatbot.”

I want to know how to best answer it.