Get LINK & QR Code still not whitelabelled

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Get LINK & QR Code still not whitelabelled.
They are still under
Can you please have a check?
I have logged in through client account itself but still no luck.
Download QR saves a facepop.png please check that too.

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Interested in this as well.

Interested in this as well. answerly referring to a document from knowledge database opens the doc in a fcbn.answerly window

Hi, they are whitelabeled indeed, all you need to do is to create a custom domain first, by logging with your admin user on your whitelabel dashboard, navigate to get link and create a custom domain, it will automatically replace the answerly domains with your own domain.

Hi Simone
Thanks this seems to the solution but even after adding the cname to the value in my domain and doing what you said I still get this error.

And when I visit the site entered cname it shows this.

Hi, the custom domain should be working right now. thanks for your patience.

Oh yeah. Now thats the way to do it. Thank you. Its so amazing to have such great support. But will appreciate more if you acknowledge discussions when arised. It becomes frustrating when none reply. Thanks again. Great work.