Getting a lot of hallucinations on my Bot

The last two bots that I have built are hallucinating. It’s answering me in French and it’s also not giving me accurate information. When I ask it basic questions about the website that I uploaded in the knowledge base like store hours, it gives me some random store hours that have nothing to do with the website that I uploaded nor isn’t even remotely close. It’s also answering random facts in French and it’s also not giving accurate information.

Please fix this as this is really slowing my production down. I cannot use this software as a service for my clients if it’s constantly having these bugs. Please let me know if this is something that you guys are working on to update and fix and please give me an ETA. Thank you.

The first couple of days of messing around with have been great but today has been a disaster. If this keeps up, I will just refund this because I don’t have time to constantly be dealing with these bugs. Please advise. Thank you so much.

Training via the website can lead to these kinds of problems because we don’t get to see how the data was extrapolated. Perhaps the opening and closing times have not been fetched correctly. I would suggest creating a document with general information that includes the opening and closing times. Regarding the language, you can fix that by selecting the correct language in the menu option. After that, It will only reply in the chosen language. Sometimes, if a word is misspelled, it can trigger a different languages

also if you want i can take a look at your Agent dataset and give you advice, just contact me via personal chat and provide with your email.

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ok I will try this and get back to you. Thank you for your fast response. Its much appreciated and I don’t take that lightly. I can imagine how busy you all are; especially it being the weekend.

Forgive me for not knowing this but I do I contact you directly on personal chat? Is there a way to IM you here or are you referring to something else?

Answerly Issues - Generating wrong info from KB

Hi Simone, please watch this video with the issues Im having.

Hi, I just watched your video. Let me try to help you fix your chatbot. I’m sending you a personal message, and then we will post all the settings here for everyone to see.


@Buzz_Reach_Media, I watched your video and agree that the organization of workspaces, agents, chatbots, widgets, etc., is somewhat confusing. I believe reorganizing the user interface would make the app more intuitive to use.

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Thanks again Simone. I responded to your personal message. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Simone, Im still getting used to this Platform we’re on here. Im not sure If I was supposed to go somewhere in specific or wait for an email regarding the issues Im having? I want to get back to working on building some demos but I need to know if my issue can be resolved or not. Thanks in advance for your time.