Getting started

I signed up through Appsumo and activated my Answerly account. However, I am confused about how to create my first agent and how to train it.

I don’t see any create agent button on the dashboard either.

Please advise

Hi Kovidsinha,

The agent can be created on the top part of the dashboard. Here is a document that explains how to get started: Answerly - Introduction to Answerly

Remember that you will have to attach a valid OpenAI key on the LLM menu in order to get started.

Hi Simone,

Thank you for getting back. Even though i am a chatgpt plus member, answerly is not accepting my secret key to access GPT-4Turbo or GPT4-32k. The error i am seeing is that “Your OpenAI API key does not have access to gpt-4-32k” Can you advice what is wrong

Hi Kovidsinha, ChatGPT Plus is not related to the section for the OpenAI API key.

You will have to create an OpenAI key and attach a payment method to it in your OpenAI account. Perhaps this small guide will help you understand.My Bot stopped working