Google Sheets bleed over (under 2048 character limit checked)

I know there is perpetual poor handling of links with the chatbot. Right now with extremely limited information in knowledge base it almost works. Almost.

For some reason it’s adding information from the following cells.

For instance:
Correct link: “”
Provided link: “,8h,3-6h,undefined,Skylift”

EDIT: Switched the columns around and it’s still doing it. Tried another link and the weirdest part is that it’s not even adding from the row below but 4 rows above. Sometimes from the row below.

The rows are not above 2048 charecters. Any idea on a solution? Any other solution for product/site-linking?

I’ll provide screenshot for clarity.


Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 16.49.48

I think i solved it.
EDIT: I did not

Hi @paradisianway, maybe trying using Claude models. I’ve seen they work really well with hallucinations.

I tried Claude, but it was like training a whole new animal. It kept adding things like


so weird action words before answering and stuff like that. Also Opus is really expensive. But i might give the mid version a go, but that underperforms gpt4 turbo so not sure if that make sense.

I wonder if Llama 3 might be a contender.

How much have you experimented with different models?