How are you building your Q/A data?

Can anyone share an example of how to format a Google doc dataset? For example I have the data as “Question” “Answer” in two columns.
But OpenAI seems to make up answers anyway. Should my data be written differently?

Instead of “What is your service cost?” then “Our service is free”
And instead, should I dump the Q & A format and make the line of data something like: “Just so you know, our service is free.”

Hi, Psone
you don’t need to setup columns on google docs, i’m providing an example here.

-### Questions & Answers

Question: How much is it?
Answer: The price of the pro plan is 69$

Question: Where is your office located?
Answer: our office is located in Berlin


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Is it only the three hashtags, or should you have * or - in front of them? Stupid question but it’s not clear.

Only the 3 hashtags