How to create a decision tree?

I want to give users the options to select their answers. Below is what I am trying to achieve:

My chatbot should show a welcome message, then it should ask 1st question ‘‘please select your preferred language’’ options English, Italian, Chinese, Arabic etc.

Upon selection, the language should convert accordingly in the selected language. if English is selected, the bot should start communicating in English and vice-versa.
I will ask then 2nd question
‘‘what kind of driving lesson would you like to take’’ car, bus, truck, etc?
upon selection, it will ask for contact details. etc.
and then the decision tree will keep flowing until all information is collected.

Can you please share how?

Hi! Regarding the first part of the language selection, ChatGPT should be able to recognize the language and provide a welcome message.

For example, the welcome message could say, “Hi! Welcome! I speak English, Italian, and French.” This way, users can start the conversation in their preferred language. Alternatively, you could set up different chatbot widgets based on the user’s browser settings.

However, implementing this would depend on your website’s capabilities. If you are using WordPress, you can detect the user’s country and display the widget accordingly.

As for the second question about retrieving user information, we are currently working on this feature. Our aim is to release it in January.

This feature will enable you to create a series of questions, and the agent will ask those questions in a conversational manner.