I cannot register after having extra AppSumo deal removed from my account

I bought Answerly with my personal credit card, realized what I had done, and then went back and purchased it using the company card. Then, I had AppSumo delete the first one. Now, I am unable to register with Answerly using the remaining AppSumo link.

Can you use a different email for the registration, and then you can change it later from the dashboard, we will have to delete the previous account.

Hello @Approachment thank you for the message.

I removed some content from your message because this is a public-facing forum.

Could you please explain your situation? Are you suggesting that you now have an account at Answerly with an inactive license, and you’re unable to use the same account for activation again?

If that’s the case, you should be able to log in to your Answerly account, change your email to something new, and then your old email will be free for a new account.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. Both @Simone and I are part of the team, and we can handle messages privately as well.

Here is the situation:

  1. I purchased a license through AppSumo, and activated it using this email address.

  2. I realized I bought it with my personal credit card, instead of the company card.

  3. I bought another license using the company card.

  4. I contacted AppSumo about the situation, and they nullified the first license.

  5. I use Google to log into Answerly using the same email, but it says “You are currently on the free plan” on the Subscription page.

  6. The product page for my account on AppSumo shows the following:

  1. Answerly has a page to enter a code, but there is no code on AppSumo, only a button that says Go To Product.

  2. AppSumo has a section called “Activate Your Purchase,” but there is no “Activate now” button, as mentioned in the description.

  1. When I click the aforementioned Go To Product button, it takes me to Answerly - Knowledge Base

So, I need you to somehow activate the existing license for hello@approachment.com so that I can use your app when I log in, and not lose access in 5 days, when the trial is up.

I hope this helps.

Ok we will check and activate your license on the email you have provided @Fatos

Well, I just tried the suggestion above, and changed my email, but now I’m getting this when I try to sign up again:

Hi, i have sent dm to the founder he will take care of this as soon as possible

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Hey @Approachment @Simon

I have just activated your license for the provided e-mail! Sorry for the inconvenience!

I am able to log in, and I see the license is active. Thank you!

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