I can't verify my website with Instant Embed

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Seems like you’re having a bit of trouble verifying your website with our Instant Embed feature. No worries, I’m here to help!

The verification process needs the code to be present on your website. If it can’t be detected, then there could be a few things going on.

Access your website in incognito mode.

We recommend this because it prevents any cache or cookies from obstructing our system’s attempt to verify the code on your website. Remember, you need to close and re-open an incognito window as a simple page refresh will maintain the cache.

Use both “www” and “non-www”

Have you tried using both “www” and “non-www” versions of your URL? Sometimes, the issue could be as simple as adding or omitting “www” from the URL. While browsers can load pages either way, the code detection we use is precise and looks for consistency in the URL. So you need to be sure to use the URL exactly as your site does.

Clear your website’s cache

This is particularly important if you’re using a WordPress setup. SEO plugins or standalone cache plugins are often used in such setups to save resources by maintaining a copy of your website. However, when you add new code to your site, this cache needs to be cleared to reflect the changes. Most WordPress setups have an option to clear the cache provided by your cache or SEO plugin.

Remember, we’re here to help. So, if you try these steps and still run into issues, give us a shout at the customer support section and we’ll get things sorted!

Keep rocking! :rocket:

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FYI for those who experience this, my integration didn’t work without the www. After adding www, it worked within seconds. :slight_smile:


I’ve tried with and without www, a different browser, private mode browser, deleted the site and re-added, and nothing is working to get the site verified. When I view the source code, the javascript is there. binmasters.com

It wasn’t working for me until I ended up trying everything and loaded the page on a different browser (Edge instead of Chrome).