I found some Issues on collect data

I’m doing my first tests with the forms and I want to mention what I’ve seen wrong:
-The chat repeats the same question several times.
-Sometimes he loses control and asks a question that has nothing to do with the questions I’ve programmed.
-The language jumps to languages other than the one in which the user initially started the conversation.
Please review these things, I’m doing important demos to attract clients and if this happens we run the risk of them not finding the service professional. Thanks again and I believe this will soon be 100% working.

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I can confirm the same. I’ll just jump in here, so I won’t open a thread with the same problem.

Hi, We are working to create a validation for the Name and surname fields.
kinda like the email - phone and date validation…

About the language issue we are also working on that, if you can right now just choose one main Language it will not jump from one language to another.

I have all the above-mentioned problems, and they are still not fixed.